You Can’t Lead


You know what needs to happen to successfully transform your organization. But you can't ignite massive change on your own. You need others to help make it happen.

I coach executives to spark massive change in themselves and others through my Chrysalis Program, which has been successfully adopted by some of the world’s largest companies.

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Inspiring Leaders to Change as a Force for Good

Ron J. West believes success is no longer a solo performance. In order to spark massive change, you can’t lead the charge alone. You have to build a team, and inspire others.

As a keynote speaker who shares his stories and lessons in his charming English accent, Ron speaks with compassion, conviction and authenticity to inspire his audiences to do great things. He stands ready to transform your next conference, private company event, retreat or leadership group meeting into a memorable one.

Ron’s purpose is to make a positive and lasting difference, one that starts moving leaders to initiate meaningful change within their organizations. He has specialized in transformation throughout his impressive career, in a variety of senior executive roles and across entire organizations, both in Europe and the USA. Ron has learned that it’s the growth and development of leaders that bring about the growth and development of the business.

Learn more about Ron’s influence as a keynote speaker, and download samples of his most powerful speaking topics.

Ron J. West
Ron J. West


Do you want to move the leaders in your organization to work together to accomplish great things? Ron’s signature Chrysalis Program incorporates five modalities that transform leaders and organizations: transformational thinking, leadership presence, collaboration, accountability and building influence.

Our team delivers assessments, team-coached workshops and individual executive coaching sessions to teach these competencies. Unlike traditional executive coaching and training, we also work with select leaders inside your organization to make transformational thinking an organizational competency.

Ron J. West Ron J. West Ron J. West
Ron J. West Ron J. West Ron J. West


Awareness workshop builds a competency of presence. A challenge to define but easily recognized, presence is a learnable competence. Convert managers to leaders. Have your leaders authentically step into their integrity, influence and impact.

Corporate Masterminding workshop builds a competency of collaboration. Use masterminding to gain cross-functional, site-wide or group cooperation, collaboration and communication in your organization. Form your own corporate mastermind groups to solve vexing business problems.

Coaching Culture workshop builds a competency of accountability. An entire culture based on a coaching model can increase levels of employee engagement, morale and retention. Master the dance between roles as leader, manager, coach, facilitator and mentor.

Strategy Enrollment workshop builds a competency of commitment. How can you ensure that all of your employees are totally committed to ensuring their activities tie directly to the strategy? That everyone is completely enrolled in understanding, continually refining it and implementing the strategy?



Both as an accomplished business leader and as an accredited executive coach Ron has coached leaders in Fortune 500 companies and growing mid-sized firms across many industries including oil & gas, software, telecommunications, energy, construction and commercial real estate.

Ron now specializes in working with senior executives and emerging leaders who are already enjoying a level of success. He believes that companies grow and develop as much as their leaders continue to grow and develop. By forming an authentic and trusted partnership, Ron inspires his executive coaching clients to change how they approach their responsibilities as leaders so that they might create space for needed change within in their organizations.

Ron J. West
Ron J. West Executive Coaching Ron J. West Digital Transformation Class Ron J. West Coaching Group


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if transformation were easy? If we all recognized the need, accepted the role we had to play, and enthusiastically opened ourselves up to limitless possibilities? But we resist. We don’t see why it’s needed. We protect what is. But with today’s ever more rapidly changing technologies, the result of delayed action is debilitating to your organization’s health, growth and even its survival.

Businesses today are challenged with a seemingly endless series of large-scale and complex changes. And enabling technology forces a never-ending threat of disruption. The answer is to develop the ability to perpetually transform. Throughout his impressive career as a coach, speaker and author, Ron West has helped organizations do just that. He guides businesses through vital transformation by supporting the growth of their leaders first, nurturing their ability to inspire the company-wide evolution it takes to not only survive, but thrive.

Ron’s career as a leader in transformation spans two continents and more than 25 years. Among his own career transformations, he has transformed from microelectronics engineer to management, mentor to coach, and from an approach of control to one of influence. As someone who firmly believes that continual transformation is a good thing, Ron has always jumped at the chance to "walk his talk." So he packed up and headed west - first from London to the Midwest and then eventually to Austin, Texas, where he now resides. He now helps the leaders of 7-Eleven, NASA, Samsung, Target and other companies achieve amazing transformations within their organizations.

  • “When Ron first took the stage to present in front of his peers,
    I immediately knew he was a natural. He has a profound gift for facilitating positive and lasting changes in leaders and their companies.”

    – Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach

  • "Ron did a great job and we are going to benefit from adopting Corporate Masterminding throughout our organization."

    – Michael G. Anczok, Chairman & CEO Superior Lubricants

  • “I thought the content and delivery of the information was fantastic.
    You had and kept the attention of everyone in the room.”

    – Brian, Director of Operations

  • “Ron’s style was very open and welcoming. He provided me with perspective and a cause to pause and ponder.”

    – Bradley, CEO

  • “Ron’s approach is genuine and caring.
    His passion for the topic is very evident and real.”

    – Carter, President

  • “Kudos to Mike for bringing you into our work family;
    we have stepped into the big leagues!”

    – Matt, President/CEO

  • “You manage to focus ideas in a simple and straightforward way that makes the complex understandable.”

    –Howard, Pediatric Physician

  • “I thought the session was excellent.
    You left me wanting more.”

    – Steve, General Manager

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